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Forecast: environmental protection starts again! The price of steel will go like this tomorrow.

Today, the price of steel in China is stable and individual rises and falls. Of the 24 cities in the country, building materials in 6 cities rose 10-30 yuan / ton, hot coils in 9 cities dropped 10-30 yuan / ton, medium and heavy plates in 6 cities dropped 10-50 yuan / ton, medium and heavy plates in 3 cities rose 10-20 yuan / ton, how about the trend tomorrow, more detailed analysis, speed downward look...

The following factors affect the trend of steel price in the later stage.

In the first ten days of January and October, the average daily output of crude steel of member steel enterprises was 198.74 million tons, which was increased by 0.13% compared with the previous ten days. China's estimated daily output is 2.5214 million tons, rising by 0.08% to 0.21 million tons in the 10-day cycle, while steel stocks in key enterprises are 12.62 million tons, an increase of 195,000 tons in the 10-day cycle, an increase of 194,300 tons, or 1.56%.

2, the environmental protection inspector of the Henan provincial Party committee and the provincial government started in 2018. According to the plan of Henan environmental protection supervision and the requirement of tackling key problems in pollution prevention and control, from October 23, the provincial government of Henan Province set up nine supervision groups to carry out environmental protection supervision in two batches to 18 provinces and municipalities in Henan Province, so as to realize the full coverage of the province's environmental supervision. The first batch of inspectors began to move in on October 23, and the second batch is scheduled to start in early November.

Although the feedback from the Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate ended in "looking back" and fined 710 million yuan in 10 provinces, Henan Province has not yet relaxed its Environmental Protection Inspectorate and set up a special supervision group to carry out environmental protection inspectorate. From the action of Henan Province, we can see that the state attaches great importance to environmental protection, not only Henan Province has Environmental Protection Inspectorate action, but also other provinces are expected. Provinces will also have environmental monitoring programs and pollution prevention deployment, substandard steel enterprises in the future will also face more stringent production restrictions, inventory will continue to decline.

Thread 1901 received 4190 increased 36, real estate construction steel consumption accelerated, expected to continue to rise in the night market; hot coil 1901 received 3923 up 37, iron ore 536.5 up 14. Thread hot coil iron ore early on Wednesday, low opening rebound, threads this week, Yang and Yin up high, the rebound thread is now good foundation, short-term pressure by the head will rebound after finishing, forecast short-term breakthrough to 4200 above, mostly retained. Hot coil iron ore opened Tuesday night rally, early continued upward trend, still have room under the hot coil iron ore, especially the weak zone rebound strength of hot coil doubtful, this week is expected to continue the trend of concussion dishwashing, operation suggested patience wait for backward choices to do more.

Spot market

Building materials: the main trend is stable. The average price of 20 mm HRB 400E rebar in 24 major markets in China is 4669 yuan/ton, which is 4 yuan/ton higher than the previous trading day. 17 cities are stable, 6 cities are up 10-30 yuan/ton, 1 city is down 20 yuan/ton, the concussion of futures is up, and the spot market is boosted to a certain extent. Reporting stability and wait-and-see, the turnover was substantially less. However, near the end of the month, the pressure on capital increased, some traders have volume situation, but considering the cost-side support is better, and the site is still more goods, traders are not willing to lower, it is expected that tomorrow's market price slightly emphasis on consolidation.

Hot coil: main stable and drop. The average price of 4.75 hot-rolled coils in 24 major markets was 4242 yuan / ton, down 5 yuan / ton from the previous trading day. Fifteen cities were stable and nine cities were down 10-30 yuan / ton. In the early market, there is a strong wait-and-see mood, TRADERS'overall willingness to adjust prices is not strong, downstream manufacturers are not enthusiastic about purchasing, resources shipment is weak, near the end of the month, the market pressure on capital is tightening, traders in order to facilitate trade, price reduction shipment, market low-level resources have increased, merchants return to cash-based, but the actual need. Generally speaking, it is expected that the price of hot rolls will be weak and volatile tomorrow.

Medium and heavy plate: main stability, individual fluctuation. The average price of 14-20mm medium plate in 23 major markets in China was 4379 yuan/ton, down 3 yuan/ton from the previous trading day. Of these, 14 cities were stable, 6 cities were down 10-50 yuan/ton and 3 cities were up 10-20 yuan/ton. Open market today, the mainstream market quotation runs smoothly. From the market understanding, steel mills rose ex-factory prices, cost-side support strong, some merchants began to tentatively raise prices to stimulate the transaction, but the actual performance of the transaction has not improved significantly, downstream traders take care, still wait-and-see mainly, expected tomorrow plate or stable operation.

Raw material Market

Iron ore: main stability, individual drop. The general index runs at a high level, and the mentality of the merchants is strong. As the finished products have no obvious direction, the steel enterprises have begun to suppress the internal powder. Last week, Hong Kong and Mainland did not adjust. Today, Hong Kong and Mainland China have become the object of attention. Under the weak situation of supply and demand, the transaction is not smooth, and the operation of all parties in the market has begun to be cautious. It is expected that the domestic mine market will be stable and stable tomorrow.

Billet: rise. Black is low, the finished products are stable, the overall performance is generally weak, although the spot market is weak, also failed to stop the enthusiasm of billet pulling up, Tangshan mainstream steel mills rose 10 yuan in the afternoon, trading atmosphere is active, and environmental protection policy is still under strict inspection, the merchants are willing to bid, it is expected that tomorrow's billet. The price is strong enough to run.

Scrap steel: run smoothly. Futures, billets continue to be strong, favor scrap, some steel mills continue to be poor arrival, market resources are tight, suppliers are reluctant to sell mentality, overall, the national scrap growth slowed down, regions have entered a wait-and-see stage, some steel mills have slightly dropped. At present, resources in the timber market are tight.
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