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H beam is a new type of economic construction steel

H-shaped steel is mainly used for engineering, plant and equipment, mechanical equipment, bridges, highways, private houses, etc.; good mechanical properties and physical properties, solid, energy saving and environmental protection effect. H-Section Steel is an economical section steel, widely used in industry, construction, bridges, oil drilling platforms, etc. It is estimated that in 2005 China's demand for H-shaped steel is about 2.5 million tons, and the demand in 2010 is 5 million tons, but at present China The annual production capacity of H-beam is 1.2 million tons, and the market demand is very large.

Basic features 1. High structural strength Compared with I-beam, the section modulus is large, and when the bearing conditions are the same, it can save 10-15% of metal.

2. The design style is flexible. In the case of the same beam height, the opening of the steel structure can be 50% larger than the opening of the concrete structure, thus making the building layout more flexible.

3. The light weight of the structure is lighter than the self-weight of the concrete structure, and the reduction of the structure's own weight reduces the internal forces of the structural design, so that the foundation structure treatment requirements of the building structure are low, the construction is simple, and the construction cost is reduced.

4.Structural stability Highly hot-rolled H-shaped steel structure, scientific and reasonable structure, good plasticity and flexibility, high structural stability, suitable for building structures subjected to vibration and shock loads, strong ability to resist natural disasters It is particularly suitable for the construction of some earthquakes. According to statistics, steel structures dominated by H-shaped steels have suffered the least damage in the world with more than seven devastating earthquake disasters.

5. Increase the effective use of the structure area Compared with the concrete structure, the column area of the steel structure is small, which can increase the effective use of the building area, depending on the form of the building, can increase the effective use of the area of 4-6%.

6. Compared with welded H-section steel, provincial workers can save labor and materials, reduce raw material, energy and labor consumption, have low residual stress, and have good appearance and surface quality.

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