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"Silver ten" strong demand, the market outlook is still rising, arrangements!

Mid-October has passed, on the whole, broke the previous "off-season is not weak, peak season is not prosperous" steel magic spell, so far trading performance is still acceptable, the national price rose as a whole, as high as 300, to Zhengzhou market in central China, for example, the current mainstream Anyang steel trading price at 4720 yuan / ton, 240 yuan / ton higher than the price on the 8th of this month. After understanding, spot demand is still acceptable, and some steel plants due to environmental restrictions and winter staggered peak production and other factors, capacity constraints, spot resources partial tight, strong willingness to bid, a few scarce resources have price increase phenomenon, resulting in a substantial increase in some specifications, and at the beginning of the month, traders sales pressure is not big, offer firm. Yes.


In terms of billets, Tangshan plain carbon billets are now provisionally reported at 3940 yuan / ton, up 90 yuan / ton from Oct. 8 (3850 yuan / ton), and the cost performance is relatively strong. The trend is as follows:



Thread 439.52 was reduced by 15.25, wire rod 145.92 and 7.5 on the 11th in 35 key cities of China; steel plant stocks of thread steel 196.64, wire rod 65.48, wire rod 97.1 (10,000 tons).

On the 18th, Luo 411.58 in 35 key cities of China was reduced by 27.93, wire rod 135.63 by 10.29, and thread inventory in steel mills was 1.7813 million, 18.5 per week, wire rod 57.89 and 79.59 per week.

According to statistics of the China Steel Association, the daily output of crude steel in key iron and steel enterprises in late September was 19.928 million tons, increasing by 0.07% in the ten-day cycle, and the estimated daily output of crude steel in China was 2.5193 million tons, increasing by 0.01% in the ten-day cycle cycle. At the end of this decade, steel stocks were 12 million 425 thousand tons, and 1.22% in the month to month ratio.

From the above data, it can be seen that although the output of steel mills has increased, but the first half of the inventory dropped significantly, most of the "silver 10" terminal is facing a rush period, downstream demand performance is still acceptable, the overall basic support conditions are still.

Macroscopic policy: Tangshan steel enterprises in autumn and winter staggered peak production classification: A class of enterprises 1, B class of enterprises 22, C class of enterprises 9, D class of enterprises 3, no emission permit enterprises 1. According to the instructions of leading comrades of the municipal government, the results of the classification are as follows: 1 in category A, unlimited; 22 in category B, 24.35-46.40%, average 40%; 9 in category C, 46.48-52.86%, average 50%; 3 in category D, 56.33-69.4%, average 60%; 1 out of production capacity of 350,000 tons. The total capacity of staggered peak production was 197.399 million tons (18.21 million tons in 2017), accounting for 33.82% of the total capacity of staggered peak production in autumn and winter.

In the latter part of the year, the operation of rushing to make up the depot in the lower reaches of October may still further drive the market demand. In the near future, the depot resources are not enough, some specifications are obviously short, and less goods still support the steel price. However, with the rising steel price, many people in the market are cautious and wait-and-see attitude, more confidence is insufficient, and the end of the month financial pressure remains. Yes, but now under the support of low inventory, merchants are not willing to lower, comprehensive consideration, expected to continue this month's steel prices upward volatility, but the high or downward adjustment in the market, the overall situation is still more up or down, narrower than the previous period. (source: Fu Bao information)

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