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Steel price will break 5000¥!

This week, steel market futures prices rose, steel billet prices continued to rise this week, to the current 4000 yuan / ton. The supply of steel is tight, and prices are rising again and again. Steel traders are suffering from no goods in their hands. They dare not buy large quantities of steel in the face of continuous rising steel prices. At the same time, they are faced with rising prices, but they have to pay higher costs to buy. In the face of rising prices, there is widespread fear of heights in the market, but some people believe that prices will continue to rise until November, to about 5,000 yuan.

This week, the black market is catching up in the futures market. Rebar, hot coil, iron ore, coke and coking coal were closed up at closing price. Among them, the screw steel increased by 173 yuan per ton, closing at 4228 yuan / ton, breaking through the key resistance level of 4200 yuan / ton. The weekly chart was fully adjusted, and the average line group was stabilized. It is expected to continue to rise next week, which is expected to break through 4418 of the important resistance levels in the front. However, the trend of hot rolled coil is weak, there is no sign of the end of the decline on the weekly chart at present, and it will continue to oscillate next week, so it is more likely to find the bottom.

According to statistics, the average price of HRB400E in major cities of China rose from 4650 yuan / ton to 4693 yuan / ton this week, 43 yuan per ton. The price of hot-rolled coil and ordinary plate has dropped slightly.

As far as Zhengzhou market is concerned, the price of 20-25 HRB400E for Anyang Steel on October 26 has risen from 4,760 yuan per ton on October 22 to 4,800 yuan per ton, 40 yuan per ton.

Among them, the price of Angang low alloy plate 14-20 Q345B is 4580 yuan / ton, and the price keeps stable.

It is understood that this week, the steel plant blast furnace operation rate of 68.23%, 0.14% lower than the previous period, capacity utilization rate of 78.50% ring-on-ring reduction of 0.22%, removal of capacity utilization rate of 85.18%, 1.69% lower than the same period last year, steel plant profit rate of 84.05%, 0.61% higher than last week.

The average operating rate of 53 independent EAF steel plants in China is 76.54%, which is 0.75% higher than that of last week, and the productivity utilization rate is 76.88%, which is 0.79% higher than that of last week.

As can be seen from the above, this week the production of thread and wire rod increased, building material production increased by 96.8 million tons in the circumferential cycle, and the plate decreased by 238.2 million tons. In the aspect of building materials, the output of threads increased by 691,000 tons, the output of coils increased by 17,500 tons, and the output of hot rolling decreased by 226,000 tons and the output of hot rolling decreased by 128,000 tons.
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