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Electric power fitting

At the end of September, Chinese President Jinping Xi announced at the UN Development Summit in New York that China is proposing to explore the construction of a global energy Internet to promote clean and green ways to meet global electricity demand. Experts believe that this initiative has a positive practical significance in promoting the sustainable development of energy and environment faced by human society.

"The so-called energy Internet refers to the diversified production of energy at any time, convenient and fast transmission to places with higher demand." Professor Joanna Hague, co-director of the Grantham Institute of Climate Change at Imperial College of Technology, told Xinhua reporter in an e-mail: "Solar, wind and ocean energy are variable and intermittent, but the energy Internet will allow the integration of dispersed and smaller renewable energy producers. "

So Electric Power Fitting is very important for Energy Internet. Electric power fitting includes Link Fitting, Splicing Fitting, Protective Fitting, Substation Fitting, Anti bird device, Terminal Lug, Composite Insulator, Lightning protection equipment, Cable protection pipe, Iron accessory and Strain Clamp.

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