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Strain Clamp

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Strain clamps are used to fix conductors and ground wires to insulators or link fittings to tower arms and substation structures.
There are two basic systems of strain clamps,
1. Detachable clamps, such as wedge-type tension clamps, thimbles, bolted type tension clamps, which allow for subsequent adjustment.
2. Non-detachable clamps, such as compression dead-end clamps which require absolute matching to the conductor length.
Main type of the strain clamps
1-NY Hydraulic Strain Clamp for Conductor ( bolted type )
2-NY-G Compression Strain Clamp for Steel Wires ( welding type )
3-NY-G Compression Strain Clamp for Steel Wires ( forging types )
4-NZG Strain Clamp ( hydraulic compression type )
5-NY-N Strain Clamp for HRAAS Conductor ( hydraulic compression )
6-NY-BG Strain Clamp for ACSR/AS Conductor ( hydraulic compression )
7-NLL Aluminum Alloy Strain Clamp ( bolted type )
8-NLD Malleable Iron Strain Clamp ( bolted type )
9-NLZ Deadend Strain Clamp ( bolted type )
10-WNY Strain Clamp
11-NY-H Aluminum Alloy Strain Clamp

12-NY-HG Aluminum Alloy Strain Clamp

Strain Clamp

Strain ClampStrain Clamp

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