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Shandong Vantage International Trade Co Ltd was established in 2014 The registered capital is 50 million The company is located in Ji nan capital of Shandong China The company has a large number of excellent technicians and managers mainly engaged in the import and export business of various steel products and electric power fittings The product variety complete specifications and good quality Our company is solemnly committed to the majority of customers reasonable price short production cycle considerate service Vantage makes sure that our products provide reliable stabilities both in high qualities and in excellent performances Vantage enjoys good reputations all these years among...

Categories and Products

Link Fitting


U-Shackle for Overhead Line Fitting-Power Line Hardware U Type Shackle For Electric Power Fitting U Shackle for Overhead Power Line Hardware Hot Dip Galvanized UL Shackle Connection Fitting U Type Drop Forged Alloy Steel Hardware Shackle Drop Forged Electric Power Fitting U Shackle 

ZBS Clevise

High Quality ZBS Clevise for Overhead Line Accessories ZBS Type Clevise Tongues Hardware Accessories Overhead Power Line Transmission Fitting Clevises Type ZBS Link Fitting ZBS Clevise for Overhead Transmission Line 

Yoke Plate

Power fitting L type Triangle Yoke Plate Power Line Fitting QY Steel Towing Plate Overhead Line Galvanized Steel LF Square Yoke Plate LK Type Yoke Plate in Electric Line Accessories Electric Power Fitting LX Type Yoke Plate Overhead Line Galvanized Steel LS Yoke Plate Hot-dip Galvanized LJ Type Yoke Plates LV Type Galvanized Steel Yoke Plate Hot-dip galvanized LL Type Yoke Plate Overhead Line Galvanized Steel Triangle Yoke Plate Power Line Accessories L Type Yoke Plate LF Type Yoke Plate Used for Conductor Connection Electric Power Line Accessories Rectangular Yoke Plate Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Triangle Steel Yoke Plate Overhead Power Fitting Hot-dip Galvanized LV Yoke Plate High Quality Yoke Plates in Electric Line Accessories High Quality Electric Hardware Fitting LX Yoke Plate Electric Line Accessories LS type Yoke Plate 

Parallel Clevis

High Quality Transmission Line PD Series Parallel Clevis High Quality Hot-Dip Galvanized P/PS Type Parallel Clevis Electric Link fitting PD Type Clevise Power Line Hot dip Galvanized Steel P Clevis Overhead Power Line PS Galvanized Steel Clevis PS Parallel Clevise for Overhead Transmission Line 

Ball Eye

Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Q/QP Ball Eye Hot-dip Galvanized Steel QH Ball Eye Overhead Line Fittings QP Ball Eyes for Sell Overhead Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Ball Eye Overhead Hardware Accessories Galvanized Steel Ball Eye Hot Dip Galvanized Ball Eye Hardware Fitting Accessories 

Adjustment Plate

Overhead Line Galvanized Steel PT Type Adjusting Plate Overhead Line Galvanized Steel DB Adjusting Plate Electrical Fitting Yoke Plate DB Series Adjustable Plate Galvanized DB Adjusting Plate for Transmission Line Overhead Line Galvanized Steel PT Adjusting Plate PT Type Adjusting Plate Used for Connection 

Extension Ring

Electric Power Fitting PH Type Extension Ring Hot dip Galvanized Steel PH Type Extension Ring Forged Steel PH Extension Ring Electric Power Fitting Overhead Hot-dip Galvanized Steel PH Extension Ring 

Socket Clevis

Hot Dip Galvanized W Type Socket Clevis Hot Dip Galvanized WS Type Socket Clevis Hot-dip Galvanized Socket Clevis For Overhead Power Line Electric Power Line Accessories WS Type Socket Clevis Hot-dip Galvanized Forged Steel W Socket Clevis W Socket Clevis For Electric Overhead Line Fitting 

Right Angle Hung Plate

Z Type Clevis Right Angle Hung Plate UB Type Clevis Right Angle Hung Plate ZS Type Clevise Right Angle Hung Plate Overhead Line Galvanized UB Type Steel Clevis Overhead Power Line Galvanized Steel Z Type Clevis Z Clevise Link Fitting for Electrical Transmission Line Hot-dip Galvanized UB Type Clevise for Overhead Line 

Ball Clevis

Q Type Ball Clevis for Power Line Accessories Electric Power Fitting Accessories Ball Clevis Hot Dip Galvanized Link Fitting QS Ball Clevis Pole Line Fitting Hardware Accessories Ball Clevis 

Splicing Fitting

Earth Wire Clamp

Insulated Piercing Puncture Grounding Wire Clamp JBC Punctured Cord Grip Insulation Cable Clamp Insulation Piercing Ground Connector Earth Wire Clamp JDL Insulated Earthing Clamp for Overhead Transmission Line Splicing Fitting JBC Series Punctured Cord Grip 

Parallel Groove Clamp

Splicing Fitting JB Type Parallel Groove Clamp JBT Copper Parallel Groove Clamp JBTL Type Copper & Aluminum Parallel Groove Clamp JBL Aluminium Specific Form Parallel Groove Clamp JBT Copper Specific Form Parallel Groove Clamp JBTL Cu-Al Specific Form Parallel Groove Clamp JBY Parallel Groove Clamp with Insulation Cover Electric Hardware Accessories JB Aluminium PG Clamp Overhead Hardware Accessories JBT Copper PG Clamp JBTL Copper & Aluminum Bimetal Parallel Groove Clamp JBL Series Aluminum Specific Form Parallel Groove Clamp Splicing Fitting JBT Copper Specific Form PG Clamp Specific Form JBTL Cu-Al Parallel Groove Clamp Cross-section Parallel Groove Clamp with Insulated Cover 

Splicing Sleeve

JYD Type splicing sleeve for ACSR conductor JTB Splicing Sleeve for ACSR Conductor JT Type ACSR Conductor Splice Sleeve Splicing Sleeves for Steel Wire(hydraulic compression) Hydraulic Compression Type JYD Splicing Sleeve for ACSR JT Splicing Sleeve for ACSR Conductor Splicing Sleeve Explosive Compression Type for ASCR 


Splicing Fitting C Type Copper Connecting Clamp CCT Type Copper Connection C shape Clamp C Copper Connector Clamp For Overhead Line Fitting Overhead Hardware Accessories C Type Copper Cable Clamp 

Copper Bolt Clamp

T/J Copper Split Bolt Clamp T/J Imported Copper Split Bolt Connector Clamp Copper Split Bolt Connector For Electric Power Fitting Brass Connector Bolt Electrical Split Bolt Clamp Connector 

Jumper Connector

JYT Type Hydraulic Pressure Jumper Connector JYT Hydraulic Pressure Type Jumper Connector JYT Jumper Joint Clamp Connector for Overhead Line 

Connector For 4-2 Bundle Conductor

Connector for 4-2 Bundle conductor Splicing Fitting JR Connectors for 4-2 Bundle Conductors 

Ground Terminal

DG Type Ground Terminal Splicing Fitting Aluminum DG Ground Terminal for Overhead Power Line Ground Terminal Splicing Fitting for Transmission Line 

Repair Sleeves

Repair sleeves for ACSR conductor steel wire Aluminium Repair Sleeves for ACSR Conductor Steel Wire JBE Type Repair Sleeves for ACSR Conductor 

Protective Fitting


FD Vibration Damper for Electric Power Fitting FR Vibration Damper for Electric Power Fitting Protective Fitting FDZ Vibration Damper Aluminum Alloy FD-L Vibration Damper FD Type Electric Power Line Hardware Vibration Damper High Quality Vibration Damper for Protective Fitting Electric Hardware Accessories FR Type Vibration Damper Pole Line Hardware Accessories FDZ Vibration Damper 


MRJ Spacer for Double Bus-bar Conductor Protective Fitting MRJ Spacers for Double Conductor MRJ3 Type Spacer for Three-bundle Conductors JS Spacers For Double Bus-bar Conductor FJQ Spacer for Double Conductor Electric Power Fitting Adjustable Pitch Spacer Aluminum Alloy Jumper Spacer for Overhead Power Line Competitive Price FJQ Type Spacer for Double Conductor TJ Type Adjustable Twin Damper Spacer Line Fitting FJQ Aluminium Spacer for Double Conductor JS Bus-bar Spacing Board For Double Conductor Overhead Line Fitting Spacers For Double Bus-bar Conductor 

Arcing Horn

Electric Arcing Horn for Overhead Line Fittings Electric Fittings Arcing Horn for Overhead Line Pole Line Hardware Accessories Arcing Horn 

Preformed Armor Rod

FYH Preformed Armour Rod for Conductor Repair FYH Preformed armor rod for conductor repair FYH Type Preformed Armor Rod for ACSR FYH Type Preformed Armour Wire Rod 

Aluminum Armor Tape

Protective fitting FLD Type Aluminum Armor Tape Aluminium Armour Tape For Overhead Transmission Line 


JZF Type Square Frame Spacer Dampers Aluminium Alloy Square Frame Type Spacer Dampers Overhead Hardware Cross Type Spacer Damper JJB2 type spacer damper for double conductor FJZ3 Spacer-dampers for Three-bundle Conductor JZJ4 type Acers-dampers for Four-bundle Conductor Preformed Triple Spacer Damper For Overhead Power Line High Quality JJB2 Spacer Damper For Double Conductor JZX Aluminium Alloy Cross Spacer-Dampers For 500KV Line Power Line JZF Type Square Frame Spacer Damper Square Frame Spacer Dampers For Transmission Line 

Grading & Shielding Rings

Aluminium Grading And Shielding Rings For 500KV Lines Grading and Shielding Rings for 500KV line FJP Grading And Shielding Rings For 500KV Line Overhead Line Equipment Aluminum Grading and Shielding Rings Grading Shielding Ring For Overhead Transmission Line 

Substation Fitting


Hydraulic Compression Type T-connector TL Bolt Type T-Connector For Single Conductor Bolt Type T-Connectors For Double Bundle Conductor TL T-Connector for single conductor power line fitting Line Fitting Aluminum Alloy Steel TLY Type T-Connector TYS Compression T-Connector for Double Conductor T-Connector of Bolt Type for Single Conductor Hot-dip Galvanized T-Connector TL Type for Single Wire T-Connector for Double-bundle Conductor of Bolt Type TYS Type Double Conductor T Connector (Compress Type) TLY Type T- Connector for Single Conductor Substation Fitting TL T-Connector for Single Conductor Hydraulic Compression Type Aluminium TY Series T-Connector 

Tubular Bus-bar Fitting

Galvanized MGG Type Customized Tubular Bus-Bar Fitting MGG1 Sliding type tubular bus-bar fittings MGG2 Fixed support type tubular bus-bar fittings MGT-C Tubular Bus-bar vertical Terminal connector MGT Type T-connectors for Tubular Bus-bar MNP Indoor Horizontal Setting Support for Bar Horizontal Setting MWP Outdoor Supports for Bar MNL Vertical Setting Indoor Supports for Bus Bar Bus-bar Fittings MWL Outdoor Supports for Bar MGD End Supports for Tubular Bus-bar Substation Fitting MCN Support for Channel Bar MCG Aluminum Alloy Spacer for Channel Bar Substation fitting MGF type Dead-end caps Pole Line Fitting MGZ Dead-end Caps Substation Fittings Suspending Clamps for Tubular Bus-bar Tubular Bus-bar Fitting MGJ Support MGG Type Tubular Bus Bar Support Fitting Substation Fitting Fixed Support Tubular Bus-bar Fitting MGT Vertical Terminal Connector for Line Fitting Substaion Fitting End Support for Tubular Bus-bar MGD 

Flexible Bus-bar Fitting

Cable Fittings MDG Type Supports for Single Cable Cable Fitting MSG Support for Double Cable YH Type Assembling Bus-bar Round Ring Flexible Bus-bar Fitting MDG Supports for Single Cable Substation Fitting MSG Type Supports for Double Cable Type YH Assembling Bus-bar Round Ring 

Expansion Joint

MST Type Copper Bus-bar Expansion Joints MS Series Aluminium Bus-bar Expansion Joints MSS Copper & Aluminium Bus-bar Expansion Joints Copper Expansion Joint Bus-bar Connected With Equipment Line Fitting Aluminum Bus-bar Expansion Joint Customized Copper-Aluminium Bus-Bar Expansion Joint Explosive Welding Type Bus-Bar Expansion Joint Copper-Aluminium Explosive Welding Bus-bar Expansion Joint 

MJG Spcaer For Rectangular Bar

Hot-Dip Galvanized MJG Spacer For Rectangular Bar Substation Fitting MJG Spacers for Rectangular Bar 

Terminal Lug

Copper Terminal Lug

DT Copper Cable Lug ( Oil-plugging ) DTGA Spy Hole Copper Connecting Terminal DTG Tubing Copper Connecting Terminals Terminal Connectors GT Copper Connecting Tube OT Copper Passing Through Terminal Connecting Terminals DT Electrical Uninsulated Copper Connecting Terminal Lug DT Double Hole Type Copper Electrical Connecting Terminal DTGA Type Spy Hole Copper Connecting Terminal DTG Series Tubing Copper Connecting Terminal GT-G Through-Hole Copper Connecting Tube Copper Passing Through Crimp Type Terminal Lug Water Proof Copper Connecting Terminal 

Aluminum Terminal Lug

DL Aluminum Cable Lug (oil plugging) GL Type Aluminium Connecting Tubes DL Type Auto Cable Aluminium Connecting Terminal Lug Double Hole Type Al Connecting Terminal Lug GL Type Aluminium Connecting Tube 

Cu-Al Terminal Lug

DTL Type Copper-Aluminium Terminal Connector DTL Cu-Al Explosive Welding Type Terminal Connector DT-F Type Water-proof Connecting Terminal Export Type Cu-Al Connecting Terminal Lug GTL Copper & Aluminium Connecting Tubes Explosive Welding Cu-Al Connecting Terminal Friction Welding DTL Copper-Aluminium Connecting Terminal DTLF Water Proof Cu-Al Connecting Terminal Outlet Type Copper and Aluminium Connecting Terminal GTL Type Copper and Aluminium Connecting Tubes 

Composite Insulator

Long Rod Suspension Insulator

Composite Insulators Long Rod Suspension Insulator 220kv Long Rod Suspension Composite Insulator Long Rod Suspension Insulator for Transmission Power Line 220KV Long Rod Suspension And Strain Composite Insulator 

Line Post Insulators

Composite Line Post Insulators for Transmission Line FPS-10/5 10 KV Composite Needle Rod Insulator High Voltage Transmission Polymer Line Post Insulators Pole Line Accessories Line Post Composite Insulators 

Strain Clamp

Bolt Type Strain Clamp

NLL Series Aluminium Alloy Strain Clamp(Bolt Type) NLD Bolt Type Aluminum Alloy Strain Clamp Aluminum Alloy HD Bolt Type Strain Clamp NLL Series Bolt Type Aluminium Alloy Strain Clamp Pole Line Accessories NLD Bolted Strain Clamp HD Strain Clamp Aluminum Alloy Overhead Line Fitting 

Hydraulic Type Strain Clamp

NY Strain Clamp (Hydraulic Compression Type) NYH Series Hydraulic Compression Type Strain Clamp Hydraulic Compression NB Type Strain Clamp NYH Strain Clamp for Welding Hydraulic Compression Hydraulic Compression Type NY Strain Clamp Hydraulic Compression Type NY Series Tension Clamp Pole Line Fitting Strain Clamp for Steel Wire Hydraulic Compression Type WNY Strain Clamp Hydraulic Compression Type NB Strain Clamp NYH Strain Clamp for Welding Hydraulic Compression Type 

Preformed Strain Clamp

Easy Installation NL type preformed strain clamp Preformed Strain Clamp Type NL Insulated Wire 

Suspension Clamp

Envelope Type Aluminum Alloy XGH Suspension Clamp XGF Suspension Clamp for Power Line Fitting Hang-down Type XGF Suspension Clamp Suspension Clamp XGF-300 (Carried-up & Hang-down) Under Arle Type Suspension Clamp XGF 5K Aluminium Alloy Suspension Clamp XGU Aluminum Alloy Suspension Clamp for Line Fitting Hot-dip Galvanized XGU Suspension Clamp with U Clevis Hot-dip Galvanized XGU Suspension Clamp with Socket Clevis XTS Series Suspension Clamp for Twin Jumper Conductors CSH & XCS Suspension Clamps for Twin Conductor Hot-dip Galvanized Jumper Suspension Clamp Envelope and Corona-proof Type Suspension Clamp Hang-down Type Suspension Clamp for Pole Line Hardware Carried-up and Hang-down Optionally Suspension Clamp Hardware Accessories Under Arle Type Suspension Clamp Hardware Accessories Aluminium Alloy Suspension Clamps Overhead Electric Galvanized Suspension Clamp Malleable Iron XGU Suspension Clamp with U Clevis Malleable Iron XGU Suspension Clamp with Socket Clevis 

Steel Sheet & Plate

Cold Rolled Steel Products Steel Sheet & Plate Hot Rolled Steel Plate for Construction Material Hot Rolled Steel Sheet for Building Structure High Quality SPCC Cold Rolled Steel Coil Sheet Hot Rolled Mild Carbon Galvanized Steel Sheet Plate 2018 New SS400 Cold Rolled Mild Steel Plate/Sheet Carbon Steel Sheets ASTM A36 Steel Plate Hot Rolled Mild Carbon Painted Steel Sheet 

Deformed Steel Rebar

Steel Rebar Deformed Steel Bar for Construction 12mm 16mm 20mm Reinforcement Deformed Steel Bar Deformed Carbon Steel Round Bar for Contruction Hot Rolled Alloy Deformed Steel Wire Rod Rebar HRB500 HRB400 20mm Deformed Steel Bar Hot rolled ribbed steel rebar in coils 

Steel Pipe

Welded Steel Pipe

High Quality Round Welded Steel Pipe for Construction Building Material Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Pipe Car Air Conditioner Pipe Round Welded Steel Pipe 

Galvanized Steel Pipe

High Quality Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Pipe Construction Material ASTM A53 Galvanized Steel Pipe Galvanized Steel Pipe Price EMT Conduit for Construction 

Seamless Steel Pipe

Painted Beveled Fixed Length Galvanized Seamless Steel Pipe Heavy Thick Wall Alloy Seamless Steel Pipe ASTM Cold Rolled and Drawn Seamless Steel Pipe 

Section Steel

H Beam

Hot Sale Hot Rolled Carbon Steel H Beam Galvanized or Coated Structural Steel H Beam Prime Quality Hot Rolled H-beam Steel Prime Hot Rolled SS400 Steel H Beam 900X300 

Angel Steel

Hot Rolled Steel Angle For Project Material Standard Size 304 316 Stainless Steel Angle Bar Stainless Steel Angle Bar Steel For Construction 

I Beam

Hot Sale GB Standard Steel I Beam Prime Quality I Steel Beam for Building Hot Rolled Wide Flange Steel I Beam 

Steel Rail

55Q Q235B Railroad Light Steel Rail for Sale Good Price Iron Scrap Railway Steel Rail 


Steel Fence Panels for Garden Fencing Aluminum Fence Panel Decorative Quality Factory Design Cheap Powder Coated Classical Flat Top Garden Fence 2018 Exports of High-Quality Pool Safety Fence Handrail Stainless Steel and Aluminum Balcony Stair Railing Baluster 2019 Exports of High-Quality Balcony Safety Fence Handrail Hot Dipped Galvanized Stadium Fence Cheap Double Open Fencing Swing Sliding Gate Farm Fence Cattle Fence Steel Fence Garden Fence Easy Assembly Swimming Pool Metal Fence 

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