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The news of electric power fitting

Rifkin believes that by allowing hundreds of millions of people to produce green and renewable energy in their homes, offices and factories, the extra energy can be shared with others, just as we now share information through the Internet, the energy Internet. Huang Qin put forward the concept of energy Internet, emphasizing that each household participates in real-time trading in the power market, transforming a century-old closed power market into a modern business development model that is generally competitive with the Internet.

Unlike Rifkin and Huang Qin, the global energy Internet proposed by China National Grid is more focused on transmission and use, referring to the UHV grid as the backbone of the grid (channel), to transport electricity generated by clean energy as the dominant, global interconnected, widespread strong smart grid.

At present, the global distribution of new energy is very uneven, such as the equator near the rich solar energy, Arctic near the rich wind energy, and the global energy Internet will connect the above "poles together" and the continent's large energy base, the wind, solar, ocean energy and other renewable energy generated electricity to all kinds of users.

At a recent symposium held in New York, China State Grid Chairman Liu Zhenya said that the next few decades will be a critical period for building a global energy Internet, which can be divided into three stages: domestic interconnection, intercontinental interconnection and intercontinental interconnection. By 2050, China will basically build a global energy Internet and form a clean energy share. The dominant energy pattern.

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