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The price of steel product is higher than before

The domestic steel market is mainly based on rising prices. Among them, construction steel is in the leading position, and the rising trend of sheet metal has made a breakthrough compared with the earlier period, especially the rising trend of the market price of medium and heavy plate is gratifying. As of March 2, the composite price index was 168 points, up 0.93 points from last weekend; the long-timber price index was 188.4 points, up 1.04 points from last weekend; and the plate price index was 143.4 points, up 0.75 points from last weekend. At present, the bottom of the market price has been basically formed, and the overall upward trend in the latter period has been basically confirmed. However, due to the current terminal demand has not been fully liberalized, the driving force for price rise is not very sufficient, low-level transactions are smoother, high-price transactions are slightly laborious, pull-up too fast, too high in some areas and varieties even a slight correction, but overall, the overall market upward breakthrough pattern will not be easily broken. It is expected that next week, the domestic steel market will act in a narrow way.
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